Monday, May 31, 2010

NOSSA Results, 2010

Track North Results at NOSSA -2010 - Sudbury

Zvia Mazal
200m, 4th, 27.56
400m, Zvia Mazal, 3rd, 64.85 (PB)
Triple Jump, 1st, 9.51m

Emily Marcolini
800m, 3rd, 2:33.87
1500m, 2nd, 5:05.71 (exceeded NOSSA Record)
3000m, 1st, 11:04.24 (NOSSA Record)

Brandon Belan
400m, 5th, 57.92
800m, 1st, 2:10.17
1500m, 2nd, 4:33.59

Sean Moore
Long Jump, 3rd, 5.47

Emilie Bouchard
1500, 2nd, 5:31.45
3000m, 2nd, 12:13.50

Abram Mazal
200m, 3rd, 24.16 PB
400m, 6th, 56.79
LJ, 10th, 5.11

Hayden Kosmerly
800m, 1st, 2:06.07
1500m, 1st, 4:24.84

Zach Caverson
800m, 3rd, 2:08.99
1500m, 3rd, 4:30.07
3000m, 4th, 10:28.10

Andrew Argall
Long Jump, 1st, 6.27m
Triple Jump, 2nd, 12.07m

Luc Rivet
Long Jump, 5th, 5.48m

Dominic Ho
Long Jump, 9th, 5.14m
Matt Taylor
Triple Jump, 1st, 12.58
Kerissa Blacklock
100m, 8th, 13.37
100H, 6th, 17.10 (16.12 heat)
LJ, 2nd, 4.78

Serena San Cartier
100m, 1st, 12.70
100H, 1st, 14.50
400H, 1st, 66.37 (NOSSA Record)

Caroline Ehrhardt
200m, 1st, 26.18
LJ, 1st, 5.72m (NOSSA Record)
TJ, 1st, 12.39m (NOSSA Record)

Kyla Pettigrew
200m, 4th, 27.69
400m,4th, 63.17,  (61.21 heat)

Grace Thomson
400m, 8th,  69.97 (65.67 heat)
100H, 3rd, 15.57 (15:42 heat)
400H, 3rd, 1:15.07

Alannah MacLean
400m, 1st, 59.19 (PB)
800m, 2nd, 2:35.41
400H, 2nd, 67.02 (Beats NOSSA record)

Katie Wismer
1500m, 1st, 5:04.30
3000m, 1st, 11:09.60
Steeple, 1st, 5:31.26

Alicia Violin
200m, 8th, 28.45
400m, 6th, 65.07
TJ, 2nd, 10.65


Joe Burke
800m, 1st, 2:00.05
1500m, 3rd, 4:09.22

Seb Diebel
800m, 2nd, 2:03.20
Steeple, 1st, 6:40.76

Ross Proudfoot
1500, 1st, 3:57.05 (NOSSA Record)
3000m, 1st, 8:36.62 (NOSSA Record)

Jeremy Cooper
1500, 2nd, 4:02.37
3000m, 2nd, 8:45.84 (Beats old NOSSA Record)

Kaitlyn Qualifies for NCAA East Regional Meet

Track North's Kaitlyn Tallman, in her final year at Villanova University, has qualified to run the 5000m at the NCAA Division I East Regional Track and Field Championships being contested next weekend at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina.
This meet serves as the final and only qualification for the NCAA Division I Championships being contested on June  through at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, Oregon.
The 48 top ranked 5000m runners in the East region will be split into 2 equally seeded fields of 24 runners with the top 6 from each section (12 total) qualifying for the national champsionships.
Kaitlyn's best this season is an incredible 16:35.49 and ranks her 34th (and only 15 seconds from the 12th ranked runner).
She races Saturday, May 29th at 8:45pm. 
Meet site is here:
Go Kait Go!!

Results - City Championships 2010

Here are the Track North results from the City Championships last Wednesday and Thursday. this week, NOSSA will be held in Sudbury on Thursday afternoon/evening and all day Friday.

Zvia Mazal, 2nd, 27.34 (PB!)

Zvia Mazal, 2nd, 65.89 (PB!)

Emily Marcolini, 1st, 2:33.32 (City Record -PB)

Emily Marcolini, 1st, 5:11.26 (City & NOSSA Record -PB)

Emily Marcolini, 1st, 11:03.29 (City & NOSSA Record -PB)

Brandon Belan, 1st, 57.49

Brandon Belan, 1st, 2:13.34

Brandon Belan, 1st, 4:48.56
Graydon Henschel, 2nd, 4:55.77

Graydon Henschel, 1st, 10:27.75

300m Hurdles
Graydon Henschel, 2nd, 48.64

Triple Jump
Zvia Mazal, 1st, 9.65

Emilie Bouchard, 1st, 2:39.55

Emilie Bouchard, 1st, 5:34.00

Emilie Bouchard, 1st, 12:32.04
Luc Rivet, 8th, 12.62

Abram Mazal, 2nd, 24.74
Luc Rivet, 6th, 25.58
Dominic Ho, 14th, 27.30

Hayden Kosmerly, 2nd, 56.39
Abram Mazal, 4th, 57.34

Hayden Kosmerly, 1st, 2:07.79
Zack Caverson, 2nd, 2:10/40

Hayden Kosmerly, 1st, 4:25.79
Zack Caverson, 2nd, 4:35.13

Zack Caverson, 1st, 10:08.59

Long Jump
Abram Mazal, 3rd, 5.38m
Luc Rivet, 5th, 5.26m
Dominic Ho, 6th, 5.25m

Triple Jump
Matt Taylor, 1st, 11.92 (PB)

Serena San Cartier, 1st, 12.91(PB)
Kerissa Blacklock, 4th, 13.48 (13.00 Heat - PB)
Kyla Pettigrew, 6th, 13.55 (13.40 Heat - PB)

100m Hurdles
Serena San Cartier, 1st, 14.82 (City Record)
Grace Thomson, 2nd, 15.34
Kerissa Blacklock, 3rd, 17.34

Kyla Pettigrew, 2nd, 27.52

Alannah MacLean, 2nd, 62.19
Kyla Pettigrew, 3rd, 64.01 (63.52 Heat)
Grace Thomson, 5th, 64.56 (PB)

400m Hurdles
Serena San Cartier, 1st, 65.43 (City Record, PB)
Alannah MacLean, 2nd, 66.22 (PB)
Grace Thomson, 3rd, 72.14

Alannah MacLean, 1st, 2:27.70 (City Record)

Katie Wismer, 1st, 5:17.75 (City Record, PB)
Kayla Gallo, 2nd, 5:47.26

Katie Wismer, 1st, 11:50.25

1500m Steeplechase
Katie Wismer, 1st, 5:38.79 (City Record, PB)

Long Jump
Kerissa Blacklock, 2nd, 4.91m
Sebastien Diebel, 2nd, 52.88 (PB)

Ross Proudfoot, 1st, 1:59.28
Sebastien Diebel, 2nd, 2:03.12

Ross Proudfoot, 1st, 3:58.44 (City & NOSSA Record)

Ross Proudfoot, 1st, 8:38.76 (All-Time City Record & NOSSA Record)

110m Hurdles
Tim Smith, 3rd, 19.40

400 Hurdles
Tim Smith, 4th, 73.04

2000m Steeplechase
Sebastien Diebel, 2nd, 7:01.47 (PB)

Long Jump
Tim Smith, 12th, 5.12m

City Champs - Sudbury Star Article

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Proudfoot races Olympian, sets new 1500m PB

London, ON
Runner's Choice London Distance Series
Track North's Ross Proudfoot continued his impressive spring track season by running to a new personal best over 1500 metres at the high performance Runner's Choice London Distance Series track meet held in London, ON last night.
Racing in a field that included 2008 Canadian Olympic Track and Field team member Taylor Milne (Callendar, ON), Proudfoot finished in 5th place with a time of 3 minutes 52.36 seconds.  This time is 5 seconds faster than his previous best over 1500m set earlier this winter at an indoor meet in Ottawa.  Milne won the race in a time of 3 minutes 40.71 seconds.
"I felt strong the whole race but got a bit boxed in for a short section on the third lap as there was a pack of us all running around the same speed.  I couldn't make my final move as early as I would have liked but I still finished strong and caught a few runners over the final lap.  Overall, I'm very happy with my result and time" commented Proudfoot following his race.
"We knew the pace was going to be fast as the meet organizers brought in pacemakers to ensure the athletes covered the first 800m on a fast pace. Ross did a solid job tucking behind the pacemakers and hit all the splits we planned prior to the race. Ross has been training very hard this spring and the results of this work are now starting to show.  He has run to three new personal bests over three different distances, 800m, 1500m and 3000m in his last three competitions" commented Track North coach, Darren Jermyn.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tallman 3rd in 5000m at ECAC Championships

May 14th, 2010
Eastern College Athletic Conference Track and Field Championships
Princeton, New Jersey
Track North's Kaitlyn Tallman, a senior at Villanova University, ran to a season's best time of 16:35.49 to place third in the women's 5000m race tonight in Princeton, New Jersey. 

Darren in Northern Life

There's a nice Randy Pascal, Nothern Life  article about Darren and Track North at:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Athlete of the Week & Business of the Year!

Congratulations TNOR hurdler, Tim Smith, for being named Sudbury high school athlete of the week.

Congratulations also to alumni, Pierre Labrecque (and one of our webmasters), for winning the Small Office/Home Office award at the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards on Tuesday at the Caruso Club. Pierre's company, Labrecque Technologies, is on the cutting edge in the field of computer simulation, and has been incredibly successful. Way to go, Pierrre!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Weekend Results

Sudbury Rocks Road Races
(Congrats to Vince and Brent and all of the organizers - as always, a class event! And thanks to the TNOR members who volunteered).

5k (Times and places are from chip times)
1. Jeremy Cooper, 16:02
4. Brandon Belon, 18:29
5. Zack Caverson, 18:32
6. Graydon Henschel, 19:24
7. Emily Marcolini, 19:25 (1st female - Emily is only in grade 9)
9. Tate Kosmerly, 19:40
15. Katie Maziarski, 21:04 (2nd female)
17. Dave McGill, 21:26
24. Emilie Bouchard, 22:18 (3rd female)
78. Amanda Kosmerly, 26:13 (Alumni)

1. Neil Phipps, 39:25 (Alumni)
3. Mike Coughlin, 39:54
15. Mathilde Demory, 46:04 (LU Alumni)

1. Eric Leishman, 1:18.32
34. Klaus Ehrhardt, 1:42.56
42. Peter Tallman, 1:46.01
116. Katie Wismer, 2:00.36

Big East Track and Field Championships

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Tallman who finished 6th in the 5000m, with a time of 16:57 for her Villanova squad. Kaitlyn's time breaks the Eastern College Athletic Conference Regional qualifying standard of 17:16. She'll race at the ECAC Championships at Princeton University on May 14th.

Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational,
Stanford, Palo Alto California

Andrew Ellerton, 800m, 5th, 1:47.52

Andrew's distance medley relay from the Penn Relays is on video at:
There are 12 separate videos, so you have to scroll to find the USA vs the World DMR.