Saturday, February 26, 2005

OUA Championships - Windsor

OUA Championships - Windsor

Madeleine Woods
600m - 4th - 1:36.57 PB!!
4 X 400m - Team 2nd - qualified to run at CIS in Winnipeg
She may also run on 4 X 800m team at CIS

Liz Forbes
3000m, 9th, 10:30.62
Will race the 3k at CIS

Tammy Dufresne
1000m - 8th - 3:05.83
4 X 800m - Team 1st!! Will run this event at CIS

Julie Forbes
1000m - 14th - 3:22.1

Great Lakes Conference Champs
Meghan Juuti
800m, 15th, 2:21.23

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Devon Makes Olympic Standard

Congrats to TNOR Alumni, Devon Kershaw - Devon placed 25th in a World Cup Nordic Ski race in Reitim Winkl Germany, meeting the top-30 qualification standards for the Winter Olympics next year in Turin Italy.

So, if the selection process goes the way it should, Devon will be an Olympian next year!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Track North Results

Harold Silverstein Invitational (Ann Arbor)
Andrew Ellerton
800m, 2nd 1:50.60 (off a big kick)

Hamilton Spectator Games
(Note - this track is 146m long - 10+ laps for 1500!)
Open Girls 1500m
Kaitlyn Tallman - 4:51.30 - 2nd final (5:11.2 in heat during morning session)

Where do multi-event athletes go when they retire? To the ultimate frisbee fields, that's where! Check out a photo and article of Dave Walton playing ultimate at the Snowplate 2005 Tournament

Findlay University Open
Steve Eles
Mile, 2nd, 4:23.70

Kent State Tuneup
Steve Eles
Mile,11th, 4:18.17 (last 800m in 2:05)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Kaitlyn at Legions

Ontario Legion Indoor Championships, Toronto

Girls 17 and under:
Kaitlyn Tallman
800m - 3rd: 2:25.26
400m - 6th: 1:04.77

There are some neat photos and an interview with Kaitlyn at the Copps Indoor Games Website.

Lisa Selected for Worlds

Labrecque Selected to World Cross-Country Running Team

Lisa Labrecque, of Sudbury's Track North Athletic Club, has been selected to represent Canada at the World Cross-Country Running Championships in Saint Galmier France in March.

Labrecque will compete on the short-course four kilometre team that, in a major upset last year, placed third in the world. Last year, Labrecque competed for the 8k team that placed seventh."

Canada's 4km squad beat everybody but Ethiopia and Kenya in 2004, so the European teams will really be gunning for us this year." said Labrecque. "Even though we're missing two of our top runners from that squad, we're still aiming for a quality finish."

Labrecque earned selection by placing fifth at the Canadian Cross-Country Running Championships in December and running personal best times in the New York mile and Boston 3000m races in January."

Lisa is primarily an 800/1500m runner," said Track North coach, Dick Moss. "So for her to be running at an international level over four kilometres is truly exceptional."

Members of the 4k team include:
Carmen Douma-Hussar, Cambridge, ON
Hilary Edmondson, Sarnia, ON
Courtney Inman, Mt. Lehman, BC
Lisa Labrecque, Sudbury, ON
Megan Metcalfe, Cornwall
Rebecca Stallwood, Burlington, ON

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Penn & Windsor Results

After an injury-riddled Fall and early Winter, it looks like Andrew Ellerton is starting to get fit. Nice PB's by Mad-Dawg Woods and Tammy Dufresne who did their Siamese Twins impression across the finish line. Also a solid run by Serena and a nice comeback by Liz after a nasty bout of potato poisoning.

Sykes-Sabok Challenge (Penn State)
Distance Medley
Andrew Ellerton (U of Michigan), 2nd, 1:48.5/800m split

Open 800m
Andrew Ellerton, 3rd, 1:50.10

Windsor Team Challenge
Madeleine Woods (Windsor U): 1:37.95 (5th)PB!
Tammy Dufresne (Windsor U): 1:37.99 (6th) PB!

Serena Jennings (Guelph U): 4:49.68 (6th)
Liz Forbes (Guelph U): 4:57.61 (10th)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

New Baby Sprinter

Congratulations to Dawn and Tony Scott who are now the proud parents of a healthy baby boy - Brandon Andrew - delivered on January 26th. Brandon is 100% healthy, but has been crying ever since he learned that he resembles Tony more than Dawn.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Results: York, Notre Dame

York Classic
Candie Sabel - 12th - 600m: 1:46.88 PB!!
Note: Candie was the first Laurentian athlete to compete in Indoor Track since 2000.

Meyo Invitational, Notre Dame
Liz Forbes - 3000m - 10:10.7 PB!
Serena Jennings - 1000m - 3:04.59

Madeleine Woods: 4 X 400m split - 58.6
Tammy Dufresne: 1000m - 15th - 3:00.83, also a sub 59 second 4 X 400m split

Andrew Ellerton:
800m - 7th - 1:50.31
Distance Medley, 1st, 1:51 Split

Friday, February 04, 2005

Boston Photos

Here are two excellent photos of Lisa Labrecque racing in Boston. By the way, the winner of Lisa's race, the Olympic 5000m champion, was less than a second off the World Indoor 3000m record.