Saturday, February 12, 2005

Penn & Windsor Results

After an injury-riddled Fall and early Winter, it looks like Andrew Ellerton is starting to get fit. Nice PB's by Mad-Dawg Woods and Tammy Dufresne who did their Siamese Twins impression across the finish line. Also a solid run by Serena and a nice comeback by Liz after a nasty bout of potato poisoning.

Sykes-Sabok Challenge (Penn State)
Distance Medley
Andrew Ellerton (U of Michigan), 2nd, 1:48.5/800m split

Open 800m
Andrew Ellerton, 3rd, 1:50.10

Windsor Team Challenge
Madeleine Woods (Windsor U): 1:37.95 (5th)PB!
Tammy Dufresne (Windsor U): 1:37.99 (6th) PB!

Serena Jennings (Guelph U): 4:49.68 (6th)
Liz Forbes (Guelph U): 4:57.61 (10th)