Saturday, September 25, 2004

Western International Results

Nice runs by Liz Forbes and Serena Jennigs, who both cracked the 19:00 minute barrier to help their Guelph team to a first place finish at the Western International XC Race this weekend. Also competing at the meet, was Joe Yawney (for Ottawa) and coach Darren Jermyn, who competed in the Alumni race.

Laurentian Results
14th, Kirsti Dolson, 18:56
37th, Alicia Kaye, 19:48
85th, Caitlin Tino, 21:09
86th, Marnie Smith, 21:10
91st, Jennie Oliver, 21:32
102nd, Nina Spadafore, 22:09

Other Sudbury Results
9th, Liz Forbes (Guelph - 1st team), 18:50
11th, Serena Jennings (Guelph - 1st team), 18:52
90th, Julie Forbes (McMaster), 21:43