Thursday, December 09, 2004

Lisa's Race by Mike Coughlin

Lisa Labrecque Gives 100% at Nationals
by Mike Coughlin

Have you ever been in a race where you finished knowing you gave 100percent? I don't just mean a good solid effort, I mean the kind of effortwhere going back over the event you could not come up with a way you couldhave gone even 1 second faster. Ever done that? Well, Sudbury's LisaLabrecque had such an experience this past Saturday at the National crosscountry championships in Toronto. I have had the privilege of trainingwith Lisa a bit in recent weeks, and there was no question that she wasready for a personal best performance. With a 14th place at Nationals last year, this meant a good chance at cracking the top 10.

At Saturday's race, Lisa didn't just crack the top 10, she cracked the top 5with a stunning 5th place performance. In fact, Lisa was a mere 1 secondout of third, with placings 3-6 tearing across the line in a tight pack.

Talking to Lisa afterwards, it was clear that she had given everything,claiming that she had never been more completely expended at the end of arace. In going for it with everything she had, Lisa showed herself and therest of us what is possible when you commit yourself fully to a goal.

Great job Lisa! Details of her race and other local performances at this eventcan be found below in the Track North News Section.