Monday, June 06, 2005

OFSAA & Ottawa Results

National Capital Road Races (continued)
More results from last weekend in Ottawa at the National Capital weekend:
*Stephen Eles - Marathon - 2.48:43 - 39th overall - 8th in age group
*Ari Niemi - 5km - 18.27 - 27th overall - 26st in age group
*Andre Fortin - 1/2 marathon - 1.38:24 - 387th - 334th in aqe group

OFSAA, Windsor
Very hot conditions made it tough to PB but some great racing and great performances from the north none the less. . We had 5 athletes make the finals, and 2 medals.

* Rebecca Johnston double gold medalist!!!!!
JG 200m - 25.23(Q), 25.15(finals) 1st! (OFSAA Record)
JG 400m - 58.40(Q), 56.32(finals) 1st! PB! (OFSAA Record & makes world youth standard). (All OFSAA records are new as of 2004 because of the new age categories)

* David Thibert SB,
High Jump - 1.95m 4th!
Triple Jump - 12.41m 20th

* Natasia San Cartier, SG
80mH - 12.85Q, 12.77 (finals) 6th!
300mH - 47.86 (heats) 11th

* Kaitlyn Tallman, SG
3000m - 10:40.83 6th!
1500m - 4:41.39Q, 5:00.50 (finals) 12th

*Emma Tallman, MG
800m - 2:19.28(Q) PB!, 2:40 (finals) 8th!
1500m - 5:15.19(heats) 20th

*Jena Kiviaho, MG
100m - 13.83 (heats)19th
Long Jump - 4.52m 19th

*Austin Roy, MB
Shot put - 12.43m 14th

*Katelyn Roberts, JG
100m - 13.61 (heats) 21st

*Nic Aaviku, JB
800m - 2:10.66 (heats) 23rd

*Eric Ouellette, SB
800m - 1:58.86 (heats) PB! 14th
1500m - 4:17.69 (heats) 22nd

*Dan Gardiner, SB
Triple Jump - 13.39m 10th
High Jump - 1.85m 16th
Long Jump - 6.27m 17th

Busy week again next week. Look forward to Lisa Labrecque on the west coast to race the West Coast Series, Andrew Ellerton running the 800m at the NCAA championships, the sudbury highschool crew and Madeleine Woods racing at District H legion meet, Liz Forbes at the Canada Summer Games 5000m trials, and Kaitlyn Tallman and Eric Ouellette at the Top 3 Qualifier.