Sunday, February 03, 2008

York Open Results

Here are the results from this weekend's York Open. Kirsti Dolson has provided an excellent meet description:

"Nice race'n today!For all you absent folks....Maggie's legz can Kick! (and pass the whole Windsor team at the same time)
Steph's bringing front running back in style (Pre would say 'IT'S ABOUT TIME!'),
Hill deserves her HotDog for a scrappy start,
Mad-Dog keeps drop'n her 300m time
Becky follows suit for a 2 second difference, AND
Damien had the fastest 'conservative' waterfall start EVER taking him from the outside lane to the front of the pack, which before today was deemed impossible.
Definitly makes XC'ers wish they could handle a good sprinting sesh!!

Results - York Open, Toronto, 2/2/08
Laurentian Results
Maggie Robins
1000m, 3rd, 3:07.04 (PB)
1500, 17th, 5:13.46

Stephanie Flieler
1500, 16th, 5:12.26 (Indoor PB)
Beck Van Zeyl
60m, 23rd, 8.84 (PB)
300m, 24th, 47.10 (PB)

Track North Results
Damien Lagoutte
3000m, 2nd, 9:14.53
1500, 10th, 4:17.59

Madeleine Woods
300m, 10th, 42.83