Monday, November 17, 2008

TNOR: Results - Mid-Atlantics and OTFA XC

NCAA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships
Congratulations to Kaitlyn Tallman, whose Villonava team has qualified for the NCAA XC Championships in Terre Haute, Indiana on Novemeber 24th.
Kaitlyn's team qualified by placing 3rd in these championships with a score of 59 points. Kaitlyn placed 13th overall, fourth for her team, running the 6k course in 22:00.

OTFA XC Championships
Sunnybrooke Park, Toronto, 11/17/08
Windy, muddy, cold conditions!
Midget Boys (4580 m)
Jeremy Cooper,2nd,14:59
Seb Diebel, 81st, 17:19
Youth Boys (6250m)
Ross Proudfoot, 7th, 20:36
Senior Women (6250m)
Krista Bolyea (alumni), 14th, 25:11
Way to run everybody!!