Friday, September 04, 2009

Rebecca and Snax


Rebecca Johnston has been having a great tournament at the Canada Cup, bagging a hat trick against Finland (who beat the USA) for five goals in her first two games. You can see a Canada Press and Sudbury Star article about her at:
She plays again tomorrow and then in the final against the USA on Sunday.

Eric Roque (Snax) is just finishing his football training camp at the U. of Waterloo. Here's what their season's preview has to say about him:

"Eric Roque, KR (5-4 155, Sudbury, Ont. - Coll├Ęge Notre-Dame)
Eric is a dynamic player with blazing speed. He is a former Canadian National Junior sprint finalist. He will be exciting to watch and reminds the coaching staff of our very own pinball."
("Pinball" refers to Pinball Clemens one of the all-time great CFL players.

For those of you who know who Pinball Clemens is, you might appreciate the fact that the Waterloo Offensive Coordinator is Joe Paopao - one of the all-time great CFL quarterbacks and former CFL coach.

Snax also plans to run indoor track at Waterloo.