Monday, February 08, 2010

York Open Results - Indoor Track

Track North and the Laurentian Women's indoor track team competed at the York Open in Toronto this weekend. Open athletes and university  teams from Queen's, York, Guelph, Western, Waterloo, Laurier, McMaster and Laurentian participated in the event.

The Lady Vees were led by Emma Tallman, who once again reached the podium, placing 1st in the 1000m among university athletes (second overall), with a time of 2:58.70.

Stephanie Flieler, placed 6th in the 3000m, running the 15-lap race in a time of 10:45.12.

"Emma Tallman was a bit under the weather, but still managed a nice result in the 1000m," said head coach, Dick Moss. "And Stephanie Flieler had a great race in the 3000m. She ran 21 seconds better than last week and was only 1 second off the OUA qualifying standard."

Other individual results included:

26, Beck Van Zeyl, 8.67

17, Becky Van Zeyl, 45.63, PB

2nd (1st University), Emma Tallman, 2:58.70
13th, Shauna Donaldson, 3:16.87 (Red-shirt)
14th, Hannah McCurdy-Adams, 3:23.87

16, Stephanie Flieler, 5:06.11
17, Emma Tallman, 5;07.76
23rd, Katie Maziarski 5:25.90 (Red-shirt)

7th, Stephanie Flieler, 10:45.12
11th, Hannah McCurdy-Adams, 11:47.72

18th, Eric Leishman, 1:27.17

11th, Eric Leishman, 2:36.07