Tuesday, October 23, 2007

City XC and Wiky Results

Below are the results from the City XC Championships, held last Thursday, and the Wiky 10 (on Manitoulin), held on Sunday.

City XC Championships
Well, we didn't have many runners entered in this year's city XC championships, but they sure ran well - one of our athletes placed first in every event! Congratulations everybody and good luck at NOSSA in the Sault this weekend!!

Midget Girls, 3k
1st, Alannah MacLean, 13:38.77 (Lo-Ellen)

Midget Boys 5k
1st, Sebastian Diebel, 18:49.44 (St. Bens)
13. Simon Diebel, 22:14.86 (St. Bens)

Junior Girls, 4k
1st, Kayla Gallo, 18:40.99 (Note Dame)

Junior Boys, 6k
1st. Ross Proudfoot, 20:02.97 (Lo-Ellen)
3rd, Ian Ross, 22:48.96 (Lo-Ellen)

Senior Girls, 5k
1st. Katie Maziarski, 21:44 (Lo-Ellen)
4th, Whitney Faiella, 23:18 (Marymount)
7th, Rebecca Forshew, 24:17 (Marymount)
13th, Alex Swanson, 26:07 (Lo-Ellen)

Senior Boys, 7k
1st, Chantry Cargill, 25:21.77 (Lockerby)
2nd, Stephane Jaques, 16:15.33, (Lo-Ellen)
3rd, Benoit Bizier, 26:40.48 (Notre Dame)
6th, Justin Ouellette, 27:42.04 (Notre Dame)

Wiky 10k
1st. Damien Lagoutte, 33:39.0
2nd, Matt Stickland, 33:46.00
8th. Jeremy Cooper, 40:38.0
47. Peter Tallman, 53:59