Thursday, January 06, 2011

Devon Kershaw - Gold and 2 Silvers!!!

What a week for alumni, Devon Kershaw! Devon, a national team nordic skier, won
a gold medal in the 1.3 km sprint in the final World Cup Tour de Ski race in
Italy yesterday. It's the perfect finale for an incredible series of races in
which he won two silvers and placed 7th in another race. And to make it even
sweeter, Devon twice outkicked Olympic gold medalist, Petter Northug, who is
renowned for his kick. In the five Tour de Ski races, Devon won a gold, two
silvers and a 7th!

Here's a report on his winning race:

And some video, Devon's 1st silver medal, in the 3rd race of the Tour de Ski. Do
close at the finish that the initial result had him in first.  Devon is #7, in
the grey and red with black hat - starts on the far left.

And another article, on his 2nd place finishes (great action photo):

And another (outkicking Northhug! and great photo)